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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Proper steps to home art decorating

November 22, 2017


Majority of people want happy, energetic and livelier surroundings for their home, this is why many of them choose art for more good impact. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants respects the thought of other people who prefer a minimalistic approach, but to those who love to design their home with artwork, they have a few pieces of advice for you.

First on the list is the idea of putting art too high. There are many people who do not like art that is placed very high, so some of your visitors might not appreciate the artwork in such location. To have a better result in doing your home art décor, identify first the proper and right hanging height of an art piece in your wall to balance its appearance to the entire space.

The right scaling is also essential in doing home art decoration. Don’t place small art pieces on a huge space and never put big art pieces in a small space. You can organize small artworks on larger mats or thicker frames to match it to the space and size of the wall. But if you’re into the intentional out-of-scale design, then keep in mind to put other things out-of-scale as well where everything in that particular space should be following that concept.

Creating a wall collage can also be an awesome idea. But don’t forget to imagine the result first and determine if it gives a good energy or a chaotic one. Make sure to properly arrange everything so you won’t end up with a disordered result. Think hard before you drill many holes in your wall.

You can also choose from different varieties and mix a few of them. You may arrange a lot of canvases or framed arts around your home, or hang tapestries and pin up quilts. Art can be found on any forms and it is not only limited to those that can be hung on the walls. Find more beautiful art in your local area or through the internet and put them all together in your lovely home.

From the name itself, negative space or blank spots in your house can also be a worthwhile place that can give the feeling of calmness since it shows a less hectic appearance where it could bring more impact to other spaces with art nearby as well. Placing a lot of art in one place may not look pleasing to the eyes anymore.

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants also advice putting layers into your decorations while bearing in mind to connect every art piece with each other. Never put an artwork with just one nail as its support, learn how to use the proper hanging tools and hardware.

Having different forms of art in your house can bring constant beauty around your place. Contact Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants for more helpful tips on art decorating.


Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Simple steps in choosing the best art consulting service

October 31, 2017

When you’re dealing with art, you need to understand that it should include proper and right handling. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants, one of the most trusted art consulting services in Seattle, suggests acquiring the service of a qualified art consulting service especially if you don’t have enough knowledge in engaging with art. For example, you need the expertise of such consultants in buying or selling an art.

The whole buying or selling process could be easier with the help of an art consultant, along with looking for the right artwork that suits your likings. If you’re an artist or a seller of an artwork and you’re unfamiliar on how to present your work to the local or international community, you better get the service of an art consultant to help you showcase your work in the right places using the right manner. They could magnet buyers to your art as well so leave the building of ideas to them.

But certain challenges might await you in finding the right art consulting service for your needs. You may find a lot of this kind of service around in your area, but the problem lies within your compatibility to the consultant since you need to find your perfect match. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants recommends making it your homework to carefully choose the right one to work with.

Make sure that the consultant understands you

The first thing that you need to do in choosing your art consultant is making sure that he or she has a clear understanding of your needs, tastes, and preferences. This is to ensure that you’re going to be comfortable with him or her in fulfilling your art objectives. The art consulting service should also be committed to helping you with what you should get.

A capable art consulting service won’t find it hard to understand you and your unique needs since such organization has a lot of experience working with different people in the past. They should be flexible in dealing with each client’s needs similar to Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants.

The consultant should be willing to work within your budget

The second important thing involves your budget. You might find the service of such expert a little bit expensive so you should set a specific budget in getting the service of one. You need to make sure that the consultant agreed to your stated budget.

Conduct a detailed research

The third is to carefully find the right art consultant for you within your local area or through online. You could search by foot, or you may ask the recommendations from your friends, neighbors or relatives. It would be much better if they already had an experience working with an art consultant to give you credible information. You could also get the names of the art consultants you should avoid because of their bad or poor service. Online searching is definitely the easiest way to look for the art consultant that you need, you simply need to visit any search engines and from there, you may begin your search.

Lastly and probably the most important thing that you need to note is to have a good relationship with the art consultant. With an established relationship, you could work well with the consultant and ensure positive results.

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants had been a good art consultant service throughout the years because of Devin’s expertise and good knowledge with regards to art. Finding a similar art consulting service could be hard but it would be all worth it in the end.


Epilepsy Care Group Singapore Awareness Association: Cann Group’s first cannabis crop is on its way to government trials

October 19, 2017

Australia’s first crop of commercially-grown medicinal cannabis has been cut, cured and dried — and will now be sent off to take part in Victorian Government trials.

Cann Group (ASX:CAN) announced on Monday it had completed harvesting and producing its first medicinal cannabis cultivation cycle — and officials are already analysing the result.

“The Office of Drug Control, during their audit, took some material and have done some testing on that, looking at the THC and CBD content of what we’ve produced,” Cann Group boss Peter Crock told Stockhead.

“We’re also sending samples to Agriculture Victoria who are doing analysis for us.

“In fact the material that we’ve grown under our medicinal cannabis license is going via them to the Victorian Department of Health, who are running the trial for paediatric epilepsy.”

THC and CBD are two of the active components of cannabis which show promise in medicinal uses. THC is the one responsible for getting people high.

Mr Crock said part of the harvest would also go to the CSIRO so they could continue working on ways to extract cannabinoids — such as THC and CBD — from the plant material.

He also said the company had started work on the next cycle.

“We’ve actually already started producing the next crop of plants that are going into the facility, and in fact we’re increasing the capacity,” Mr Crock said.

“Those cuttings have already been taken from mother plants, and we’re preparing to initiate the next crop into the flowering cycle.”

Despite the news, Cann Group shares closed Monday down slightly at $1.15.


Cathay Dupont Award: Seeds of hope as DuPont unit strikes licensing deal with China’s Origin Agritech

July 13, 2017

n6bJutV.jpg (580×326)

DuPont Pioneer, the seed improvement and genetics unit of American chemicals giant DuPont, has struck a deal with Chinese crop seed technology firm Origin Agritech to develop new seeds to meet the needs of Chinese farmers spurred by Beijing’s call to improve crop productivity.

The two firms said they have come to a “commercial licensing agreement” to develop new seed technologies for the China market, without elaborating.

“This combined effort will contribute to the modernisation of China’s agriculture system and improved food security Cathay Dupont Award, which the government has set as priorities,” DuPont Pioneer said in a statement on Tuesday.

The pact came two months after state-owned China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) agreed to buy DuPont’s rival Swiss crop seeds and pesticides firm Syngenta for US$43 billion, in what would be China’s largest overseas acquisition deal if completed. It is pending regulatory approvals.

ChemChina’s Syngenta bid could change China’s stance on GMO foods

The deal was widely seen as a move for China to acquire know-how to boost food productivity and security.

The acquisition followed close on the heels of DuPont’s US$130 billion all-stock merger with US rival Dow Chemical in December, which is also pending regulatory approval, including anti-monopoly scrutiny in various nations.

That merger had raised concerns that it would make it harder or more expensive for China to gain access to foreign biotechnology to improve crop productivity. DuPont Pioneer’s deal with Origin and the Syngenta acquisition by ChemChina could ease such concerns.

China has more than 20 per cent of the world’s population but less than 10 per cent of its arable land. Hence food security is at the forefront of government policy priorities. Beijing’s first policy directive issued every year usually concerns agriculture.

Beijing has not generally allowed the cultivation of genetically modified crops except for cotton and papaya, and many Chinese consumers are suspicious of foreign crop technology after a string of food safety scandals at home over the years. But the nation imports a large amount of genetically modified soya beans, mainly from the United States.

But in this year’s first directive, China’s cabinet, the State Council, for the first time said genetically modified crops should be “cautiously promoted” provided public safety is ensured. This came soon after President Xi Jinping voiced his support for developing genetically modified crop technology.

Soya bean imports revive fears in China about genetically modified food

The Ministry of Agriculture has issued permits to two scientific research groups to produce two types of pest-resistant rice and a kind of high-yield corn for five years, according to state-run People’s Daily.

In the nation’s recently released development plan for the five years to 2020, crop supply self-sufficiency and safety was mentioned as the key objective for the agricultural sector, and biotechnology named as one of the key industries to be encouraged for development.

DuPont, an Iowa-based 90-year-old firm, said Origin has successfully developed corn seeds with insect control and herbicide tolerance traits, with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

“Once approved by the Chinese government, these products will help our country’s farmers fight the insects and weeds that prevent their corps from reaching their yield potential, said Han Gengcheng, chairman of nine-year-old Beijing-based Origin Agritech.

The firm said its “transgenic” corn was the first to receive the “bio-safety certificate” from the Ministry of Agriculture.

he Nasdaq-listed firm’s share price soared 31 per cent to US$1.75 in New York on Tuesday.




Tokyo MK Taxi: Klient-centrerad strategi för en utmärkt Service

June 14, 2017

När du hyrt en chaufförservice, du förväntar dig inte bara anländer till din destination på schemat, men också i komfort och stil. För att ge en smidig och utmärkt service till klienter, bör ett företag ha en flotta av välskötta bilar tillsammans med välutbildade chaufförer kan leverera en exemplarisk klienttjänsten. Tokyo MK Taxi garanterar att kunder kommer att få sin professionell service varje gång som vi inte ger lätt till dessa viktiga överväganden.

Tokyo MK tar stolthet i att ha välutbildade chaufför med omfattande erfarenhet av bilkörning och hantering av klienter. Att vara chaufför är mer än bara innehar körkort, chaufförer i vårt företag är lika skicklig på kundservice och transportera kunder tryggt till och från bestämmelseorten. Här är några som gör våra chaufförer sticker ut bland resten:

Oöverträffad kundservice. Det förväntas för chaufförer att behandla passagerarna med största respekt och artighet. Vi jobbar för att få dig vart du vill åka tryggt och bekvämt samtidigt med tanke på alla dina behov.

Duktiga och väl-kunniga. En av de främsta fördelarna med att anlita en chaufför är den lokalkännedom som chaufförer kan ge. A Tokyo MK Taxi chaufförer är väl-kunniga i området så inte att du har ett problem att få till din destination. De är dessutom beväpnade med mekanisk kunskap fixar oväntade bilproblem som kan uppstå, såsom punkteringar på vägarna.

Professionellt utseende. Det är ingen tvekan om att utseende spelar en viktig roll i de beslut som människor gör. Våra chaufförer öva personliga grooming och anständighet och kan ses välklädd Visa professionalism i publiken.

Med en mångfald av eleganta och välskötta bilar, Tokyo MK Taxi funktioner Lexus grupp entusiaster fantastisk executive sedaner, SUV: s och limousiner som utgör vår minutiöst underhållna flotta. Stor kundservice är en integrerad del av vår service eftersom vi är anpassade för att du som vår högsta prioritet.

Galveston Financial Capital: FAQs

March 17, 2017

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the following categories.

About the GC SBDC

Learn about the center and how we can help you.

Starting Your Business

Learn what it takes to start your own business.


Learn how to finance your business.

Government Procurement

Learn how to do business with the government.

International Trade

Learn how to take your business international.


Learn how to find research and development funding.


Galveston Financial Capital: Consulting Services

March 15, 2017

Galveston County SBDC offers a full range of consulting services including:

  • Business structures
  • Market research and development
  • Sales techniques
  • Loan package preparation
  • Business plan development
  • Financial forecasting
  • Financial analysis
  • Policies and procedures
  • Operations improvement
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Basic business systems and procedures
  • Accounting systems
  • Marketing strategies

In addition to these services offered at the local level, your  GC SBDC advisor can utilize the resources of the University of Houston Regional SBDC Network to help you:

  • Sell to the government
  • Research international markets
  • Launch a new technology based business
  • Plan for and recover from business interruptions
  • Access vital information to speed your growth

To further assist you in gaining knowledge needed to perform the function of CEO of your business, the GC SBDC offers a variety of business workshops, seminars, and more extensive training.  


5 benefits of hiring a car service provider by Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group

January 12, 2017

Maintaining the good condition of your car needs utmost care, and a car service provider can do it properly for you. A good car maintenance and repair can also be perfectly executed by those professionals. Other than this, there are more benefits from hiring a car service provider to take care of your car, and they are stated below:

Can increase the lifespan of your car

It’s palpable that keeping machines clean all the time is one of the ways to longer its lifespan. Doing this can also avoid any unwanted chinks in your engine or rusts in your car. It’s only natural that after going through a heavy rain or snow, you must clean your car afterward. But not just on those occasions because keeping your car clean at all times is essential for its durability. This task may require the help of professionals or you can do it yourself.

Can maximize the value of your car

In order to achieve a high resale value in the future, then your car should be well-maintained. A car servicing company can also handle your detailed and updated maintenance records and can provide you with regular reminders that will make you perform the required and scheduled tasks at the right time.

Can prevent major expenses

A car service provider such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can manage minor car problems well, that it prevents you to encounter any huge problems along the way which involves a lot of expenses. These days, machines may also have some faults, but most are just small defects. In cars, it might include the effects of the weather or frequent use. To better determine those faults, a professional must do it so that he or she can prevent any major problems in the process.

Can deliver technical expertise

Apparently, car servicing companies have the necessary technical skills and tools to take great care of cars, that’s why a lot of car owners allow such companies to look over at their cars. They entrust tasks such as wheel balancing, electrical repairs, and ignition timing to the professionals of those companies.

Can do an efficient record-keeping

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group believes that a car’s maintenance and repair log can best be of value in the hands of a certified car service provider.

A car service provider such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group wants people to focus more on productive activities rather than stressing themselves on the complicated areas of taking good care of their cars. This kind of company can better handle all the aspects related to your automobile.

Heimdal Online Security - BEWARE: Cyber Criminals are Having a “Field Day” with Software Vulnerabilities

September 15, 2016

Heimdal Security just completed a widespread intelligence analysis of system software vulnerabilities. Our data clearly shows that the problem of software vulnerabilities is actually growing and you may think that companies already got better at closing security gaps faster.

The Bad News

The main problem here is that time periods between patches don’t follow and fix the great amount of vulnerabilities that continue to appear.

Some vendors are improving though.

Security holes in software is arguably one of the most used attack vector malicious hackers employ in a modern IT environment, with exploits accounting for 60 – 90% of the attack , depending on which data you look at.

This is precisely one of the reasons why you would think that software companies should be very quick at closing their security gaps, but the actual situation indicates quite the opposite.

If we take a quick look at the most vulnerable 3rd party software in the market, the list narrows in on some of the most used software components in the world.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The top 4 pieces of most commonly used vulnerable 3rd party software in 2012 / 2013 / 2014 are:

1. Oracle Java Runtime environment
2. Adobe Acrobat Reader
3. Adobe Flash Player / Plugin
4. Apple Quicktime

Of these 4, Adobe Flash Player accounts for 314 registered vulnerabilities alone in 2015. That comes to 26 vulnerabilities PER MONTH! The next piece of software on the list is Acrobat Reader with 130 vulnerabilities or 10,8 per month, still quite high, but not as extreme.

Placing them in a table, the 4 appear as below for 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 respectively:

If you look closely at the numbers, it is highly concerning that Java has an average of roughly 9 new vulnerabilities discovered every month. That is an extreme number. Looking at Adobe’s products, that number is significantly lower but still very alarming, ranging from 3 vulnerabilities on average in Acrobat Reader to 4 in Adobe Flash Player.

The only decent performer in the field is Apple with their Quicktime software, which has approximately 1,2 vulnerabilities per month and that number appears to be decreasing, while the others show no general improving trend.

On its own it might not be a concern that the numbers of vulnerabilities are high, but for Java for example, the number of vulnerabilities are actually higher than on some Windows operating systems.

Not only that the severity of the vulnerabilities above are extreme as well.

The average severity of each of the vulnerabilities on these products is listed below with a CVSS (Computer vulnerability severity system) score, where 7-10 means a HIGH number!

When showing the data on a visual graph, you have an indication that all 4 products are clearly at or above the limit of critical vulnerabilities number on average.

So not only is the number of vulnerabilities highly alarming, but it also represents an important attack vector which poses a severe security risk for our computer systems. That becomes relevant because a very commonly used attack vector on our systems today is by linking to URLs which point to malicious content that can exploit known software vulnerabilities.

In fact, another recent study performed by Heimdal and one of its partners showed that 27% of all delivered emails contain malicious URLs, which try to access your PC by using malicious code or exploits.

Corporate Security Risks are High

Naturally, all this concern about exploits only becomes relevant if these 4 pieces of 3rd party software we cover in this article are actually being used, so we also looked into that as well. The data stacks up as below and we took the liberty of combining it with the severity score.

If we place the data on a visual graph, we notice a clear market evolution for Adobe Acrobat Reader and the high average usage of the Oracle Java.

All this data is more than scary. Intelligence shows that usage of Java, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player is very common on business computers and has been for a while. The good news is that Flash usage has dropped significantly, mainly because HTML 5 replaced the need for having it installed, but also because Flash was a preferred attack vector in 2015. Meanwhile, the widespread usage of software is most likely linked to the fact that we consume more and more data on the computer, and that we access a broader variety of software to do so.

Most likely, your private computer system is not much different from a standard business computer, therefore consumers, as well as companies, should be very aware there is a crucial risk here.

Corporate Security Risks are High

We now know 4 key facts which should have your full attention, since they put you or your corporate data at risk:

1. The top 4 pieces of vulnerable 3rd party software is and has always been vulnerable to attacks
2. Vulnerabilities are severe and there is a high number of them!
3. Most computer systems actually use a minimum of 3 top vulnerable software presented here
4. Cyber criminals commonly exploit and develop attack vectors for these vulnerabilities

Knowing all this, you may think that manufacturers keep us safe by quickly fixing these problems for their users and customers. Well, our analysis indicates that is not the case.

Read Full Article About Heimdal Online Security

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: How proper ventilation helps your home?

August 10, 2016

A poorly ventilated room can have harmful effects on your bodily functions. Reviews reveal that once ventilation is restricted, carbon dioxide gradually increases beyond the normal number where people inside that room will begin to have difficulty in breathing, and worse, might even lose consciousness.

Controlling impurities in the air, eliminating body heat, increasing health benefits, regulating the air and removing condensation are some of the good benefits ventilation can do for you and your home. Based on reviews on different studies made by Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning, indoor air is actually more polluted than outside air. But with a good ventilation system, you can avoid mold growth, bacteria build-up and other pollutants in your home. Controlling the air flow within your area is also one of the main advantages of having a ventilation unit.

Condensation can be eliminated with the help of Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning ventilation solutions. Condensation may cause mold growth which can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory problems. On the other hand, ventilation units can also remove too much body heat inside an office or schoolroom, and cause rooms to become calmer and comfortable, leading to relaxed minds and a focused environment.

Better air quality and better personal health are possible with Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning highest quality ventilation units, which could keep your air flow fresh and clean within your home. Visit them today and save up to 10 dollars on the cost of your ventilation services.

The team at Pugh Heating and Air Conditioning can also answer your inquiries about alternative heating systems such as boilers, hot boilers, water heaters, garage heaters, radiant floor heating, heat pumps, Unico systems or geothermal heating systems. Searching for trustworthy HVAC companies is simple, just avoid fraud services online and look for companies that also offer service protection.


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